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Digital Image Correlation System (Correlated Solutions)


Digital Image Correlation (often referred to as “DIC”) is an easy to use optical method which measures deformation on an object’s surface. The method tracks the changes in gray value pattern in small neighborhoods called subsets during deformation. Digital Image Correlation has repeatedly proven to be accurate when compared to valid FEA models. The commercially available VIC-2D and VIC-3D systems from Correlated Solutions utilize this advanced optical measurement technology.

  • Camera resolution: 1920 x 1200

  • Frame Rate: 140 Hz

  • Strain Range: from 0.005% to >2,000%

  • Strain Resolution:  down to 10 µε

LFA 467 HyperFlash (Netzsch)


With a single instrument setup – that is, without having to swap out either the detector or the furnace – the LFA 467 HyperFlash® is able to carry out thermal diffusivity and specific heat capacity for both isotropic and anisotropic materials. 

  • Temperature: 25 ~ 500 ℃

  • Thermal diffusivity: 0.01- 2000 mm2/s

  • thermal conductivity: < 0.1 - 4000 W/(m*K)

  • Data acquisition rate: up to 2 MHz 

High-Resolution Science Grade LWIR Camera (FLIR A655sc)

WeChat Image_20210911071639.jpg

The A655sc brings non-contact thermal measurement to a variety of materials, including polymer, composites and metal in an accurate level.

  • Temperature: –40 to 650°C

  • Dynamic Range: 16-bit

  • Frame rate: 50 Hz (16-bit data)

  • Image resolution: 640 x 480 pixel

  • NETD: <30 mK

Hot Press

WeChat Image_20210707095038.jpg

This series of hot press is used as the main equipment for curing polymer-based composites with programming temperature and pressure. Equipped with digital display touchscreen and high-temperature protection mechanism, this machine provides real-time feedback on temperature and pressure.

  • Max load applied: 10 tons

  • Temperature: 25 - 450 ℃

  • Work area: 35 * 35 cm

  • Max inter-plate distance: 25 cm

Workstation (Precision 7820, DELL)

WeChat Image_20210910201558.jpg

This high-performance workstation is capable of handling large-scale computational jobs, including RVE simulation, molecular dynamic analysis and neural network computation. M. 2 and U.2 PCIe nvme SSDs are hot swappable, allowing you to remove the hard disk without shutting down the workstation. Intel with optional U.2 ®  Ao Teng ™  SSD 905p solid state drive to improve storage performance.

  • CPU model: Intel(R) Xeon(R) Platinum 8276 CPU @ 2.20GHz

  • Cores number: 56

  • Threads per core: 2

  • RAM: 503 GB

  • Drive space: 4 TB

  • GPU: NVIDIA Quadro GV100

Vacuum drying oven

vacuum oven.jpg

The vacuum drying oven is specially designed for drying heat-sensitive, easily decomposable and easily oxidized substances, and can quickly dry items.

  • Temperature: room temperature ~ 200 ℃

  • Vacuum degree: 133 pa

  • Size (mm): 415×370×345

Moisture-proof box


Intelligent digital electronic moisture-proof box: store humidity-sensitive, easily decomposable and easily oxidized substances.

  • Humidity: 1% ~ 99%

  • Size (mm): 446×372×598

LAND Battery Test System (LAND CT3002AU)


Conduct galvanostatic discharge/charge tests and other electrochemical tests.

  • Voltage range: 5V

  • Current range: 2mA & 20mA

  • Number of channels: 8

LAND Battery Test System (LAND CT3002A)


Conduct galvanostatic discharge/charge tests and other electrochemical tests.

  • Voltage range: 5V

  • Current range: 100mA & 1A

  • Number of channels: 8

Universal Robots UR5


The Universal Robots UR5, a highly flexible robotic arm that enables safe automation of repetitive, risky tasks. With a carrying capacity of 5 KG and a radius of 850 mm, it is the perfect robot for performing light tasks such as packing, assembly or testing.

  • Weight: 18 kg

  • Load weight: 5kg

  • Working range: 850mm

  • Rotation range: +/-360°

  • Maximum speed: Joint: maximum 180°/s

  • Tool side: about 1m/s

  • Repetition accuracy: +/-0.1mm

  • Degrees of freedom: 6

  • Controller size: 462 x 423 x 268mm

  • Programming: Graphical interface, 12-inch touch screen

  • Material: aluminum alloy, stainless steel, ABS plastic

  • Power supply: 220V AC or 48V DC

Industrial Robot (ITRI AR607 /605 – 650)


The industrial robot can achieve precise point-to-point movement in space, so cutting or grinding of composite prepreg or solidified parts can be realized after installing an electric spindle or ultrasonic vibration cutter on the end flange.

  • Arm length: 270 (first arm)/295 (second arm)

  • Arm offset: 75 (J1 rotation axis)/90 (J3 front wrist)

  • Maximum action range: 755 (TCP point)/653 (P point)

  • Action angle: J1: ±170°/J2: -85° ~ 130°/J3: -110° ~ 170°/J4: ±190°/J5: ±125°/J6: ±360°

  • Load (Max): 7kg

  • Maximum speed (°/s): 250

  • Position reproduction accuracy: ±0.02 ( TCP 點 )

  • Weight: 43kg

Ultrasonic Vibration Cutter


The cutter is used to cut composite prepregs precisely along a predetermined profile. It needs to be installed at the end of a six-axis robotic arm to accurately move the position during cutting.

  • Applicable motor: 160W high-speed DC brushless motor/ 300W high-speed DC brushless motor

  • Voltage: 24V

  • Maximum wire cutting speed: 1200mm/s

  • Maximum cutting depth: 60mm

Industry camera (DAHENG ME2P-1230-23U3M/C)


The large target area, high resolution industrial digital camera can be combined with the self-made image recognition program to scan the surface of prepreg and cured part to obtain information such as fiber distribution and defects.

  • Model: ME2P-1230-23U3M/C

  • Interface: USB3.0

  • Resolution: 4096 (H) x 3000 (V)

  • Frame rate: 23.5fps @ 4096 X 3000

  • Sensor: 1.1 "Global Shutter Sony IMX304 CMOS

  • Pixel size: 3.45 μ mx3.45 μ m

  • Exposure time: 28 μ s~1s

Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) System


The AFP system consists of a CNC platform with 5 degree-of-freedom, and a custom-built AFP head. The compression force and heat for the lay-up of CFRP prepreg tapes are supplied by an air cylinder and a heating gun, respectively. The compression force during the lay-up processes can be monitored by the embedded load cell in the AFP head.

  • Heating temperature: 25℃~600℃

  • Compression force: 0N~400N

  • Lay-up area: 200mm 200mm

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